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Frequently asked questions

When considering hiring a caregiver, you’ll want to look for someone who will be a good fit with your older adult and their unique situation. Here are several of most frequently asked questions about caregiving–and the answers you need to help you get started.

Am I up for this? And, what if I’m not?2016-11-03T04:07:41-07:00

Everyone has his or her limits and it’s important to respect yours. As a family caregiver you are responsible for providing a safe, healthy living environment–wherever that may be: your home, their home, the nursing home. It’s impossible to do it all so look to the community, family, friends, health care professionals and volunteers to help assist you.

How long can I expect to do this?2016-11-03T04:07:12-07:00

In a recent survey, family caregivers said that they expect to be a caregiver for at least five years, with many believing the experience will last 10 years. Since this is a long-term commitment, planning for the future is key. Take into account the various resources at your disposal including: your senior’s financial resources, your emotional resources and the community’s resources. When all these resources come together they help to make the caregiving process more doable.

What if I don’t like the caregiver the agency sends? Am I stuck?2020-08-05T15:43:42-07:00

Not at all! Call the agency and speak with us. Explain your concerns and ask for suggestions. If you believe the situation cannot be resolved with the current aide, ask for a different aide. It’s important to remember that personality conflicts are not uncommon and the agency will be willing to will work with you to find someone that best meets you and your senior’s needs.

What is respite care?2016-11-03T04:04:30-07:00

Respite care refers to services used by a family caregiver in order to take a break. Respite care may be offered through a local organization, a state-funded program or a professional home care agency. Don’t be afraid to use respite care regularly, so that when you really need it you’ll be confident in the providers and staff who will care for your senior.

How can I get help from other family members?2016-11-03T04:15:07-07:00

Recognize that people are caregivers in different ways. Should you force them to help? No, but be specific in your requests. Remember to never demand that help be given. If your siblings refuse your requests for help, accept it. But, don’t accept the idea that you are alone. Look to the community for help and for support.

How do I do this (caregiving) and take care of myself?2016-11-03T04:14:41-07:00

The only way you’ll be successful in managing this experience is if you take time for yourself, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. When you take regular breaks, you can cope with the stresses, the decisions and the responsibilities. Otherwise, the situation can become unbearable–for you, your senior, and your family. Caring At Home provides many resources to help you determine what you want and need each week.

What are my obligations?2016-11-03T04:14:14-07:00

As a family caregiver you are obligated to provide a safe and healthy living environment for your senior. And, you are obligated to protect your senior from abuse–physical, emotional or financial. A durable power of attorney for health care, in addition to a living will, is a powerful legal and health care document that allows a responsible party to make financial and health care decisions on behalf of a family member or friend if that family member or friend is no longer able to make such decisions.

Who can I count on for help?2016-11-03T04:13:45-07:00

Family caregivers often encounter huge obstacles in finding, keeping, providing and affording quality care. Recognize that caregiving may not be easy and that perfect solutions do not exist. Get good at making compromises and try to work within the system’s limitations. Continue to ask for help. Keep an open mind about which services and organizations may be helpful. Listen to your senior’s suggestions. And, accept help in whatever form it arrives.

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