Am I up for this? And, what if I’m not?


Everyone has his or her limits and it’s important to respect yours. As a family caregiver you are responsible for providing a safe, healthy living environment–wherever that may be: your [...]

Am I up for this? And, what if I’m not?2016-11-03T04:07:41-07:00

How long can I expect to do this?


In a recent survey, family caregivers said that they expect to be a caregiver for at least five years, with many believing the experience will last 10 years. Since this [...]

How long can I expect to do this?2016-11-03T04:07:12-07:00

What is respite care?


Respite care refers to services used by a family caregiver in order to take a break. Respite care may be offered through a local organization, a state-funded program or a [...]

What is respite care?2016-11-03T04:04:30-07:00
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